[Gtk-sharp-list] GDL - Docking documentation

John Luke john.luke at gmail.com
Fri Sep 23 13:30:25 EDT 2005

Darryl Pentz wrote:
> Hi John,
>> It is contained in a directory, so people should be able to do that
>> rather easily.
> Indeed it is, but I did find that since I'm using Visual Studio, and the MS
> compiler, it complained about the event handler shortcuts that seem to be
> valid for Mono.
> e.g.
> button.Clicked += OnDockButtonClicked;
> We had to explicitly go through the code and add event handler declarations
> for each delegate.
> button.Clicked += new EventHandler (OnDockButtonClicked);
> So yes, it was easy, but needed some massaging for our stuff.
I think we also made these changes recently in svn to build with C# 1.1 
only features. Are you using the 0.7 release?
>> The only docs I know of is the small file in the doc subdirectory, I
>> assume you saw it?
> Is this in the MonoDevelop tree? Can't seem to find that anywhere.
Here is a link, it is also available from gdl in gnome cvs:

It might not get included in the released tarballs.
>> There are several known bugs in the C# port, most of which are listed in
>> the TODO file.  In particular, placeholders are not implemented at all
>> which control
>> the iconification/restoring from the dockbar.  You are welcome to file
>> bugs or send patches to fix any of these.
> Okay, I wasn't aware of that, and now that I have read the TODO, I guess I
> should have known. Apologies. That said, information like you just indicated
> there - "placeholders ... control the iconification/restoring from the
> dockbar" - would be of great value a terse design doc or some such. As the
> day has progressed I've been stepping through the code repeatedly so I'm
> becoming more familiar with the relationships and dynamics of the docking
> code, but a basic overview would have saved me a lot of time. I will do my
> best to put my own discoveries into a document unless somebody (who already
> knows what I'm still to learn) beats me to it.
I had intended to add some docs after the port was complete but have not 
had the chance to.  The above
document has the overall description, so that combined with general Gtk# 
knowledge should be helpful. I
wish there was a better story but there isn't right now.  We could 
probably add the stubbed API docs to svn if
someone wanted to begin filling them in.
>> The code works as much as it does within MonoDevelop.  There are some
>> known bugs and unfinished parts as noted above.  Reporting bugs in parts
>> that MonoDevelop doesn't use might help, but I honestly don't know if I
>> will work on it anytime soon but there is always a chance someone
>> else will.
> John, thanks for responding to my post. Much appreciated. I understand what
> you're saying about working on it. Perhaps I can be of some help next week
> as I integrate the docking behaviour into our own app. By then I should be a
> lot more familiar with the object model.

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