[Gtk-sharp-list] Can we make NodeStore.GetPath public?

Ben Maurer bmaurer at ximian.com
Wed Sep 14 17:39:50 EDT 2005

On Wed, 2005-09-14 at 10:32 -0700, Eric Butler wrote:
> I'd like to check if a node in the NodeStore is expanded,
> TreeView.GetRowExpanded takes a TreePath, but it doesnt look like
> theres any way to get a TreeNode's path because there is no way to get
> it's top-level index (Nodes.IndexOf). NodeStore already has a GetPath
> method but its marked internal, can we change this to be public?

IMHO, the real solution is to offer a wrapper that takes a TreeNode. A
consumer of NodeStore should *never* have to see a path.

I filed one similar bug:

		view.RowExpanded += delegate (object o, RowExpandedArgs args) {
			TreeNode n = (TreeNode) Store.GetNode (args.Path);
			n.PopulateChildrenAsync ();

Shows up in my msdn browser code. Really, the RowExpanded events should
have the TreeNode as an argument, rather than forcing some incantation
like this.

-- Ben

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