[Gtk-sharp-list] [NEWBIE] Menu image, submenu items and more

Luca Gervasi luca.gervasi at gmail.com
Sun Sep 4 13:41:53 EDT 2005

Hello everybody.

I'm a newbie italian coder (so please forgive me for my bad english).
I'm using Scite + mono + gtk# on a linux gentoo enviroment.

I'm using this code to create a Menu with some Stock images:

Menu popupMenu = new Menu();

ImageMenuItem mnuRelogin = new ImageMenuItem("["+Universo+"] Relogin");
mnuRelogin.Image = new Image(Stock.Quit, IconSize.Menu);
mnuRelogin.Activated += new EventHandler(this.onPopupRelogin);

1) I need the code to load an image other than the stock ones...if anyone 
know...I'm trying to load them from .jpg files.
2) I need the code to create child menus... Like Elements(SubElement1, 
SubElement2, SubElement3)

As you may understand, i'm really pretty new to C# and Gtk# programming, so 
please, be kind with me :D

Thanks in advance.
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