[Gtk-sharp-list] Gnome.Canvas in Win32 - FINALLY (and Windows shortcuts lauching Mono apps)

Paulo Pires paulo.pires at vodafone.pt
Fri Sep 2 09:52:17 EDT 2005


a couple days ago I was able to get Gnome.Canvas to run on Windows. I
mailed to the list with instructions and a test-case for the curious,
but because I bundled a Rupert pic with +/- 200kbs (troll!) it was
rejected. To check the solution to this problem and a tip for launching
Mono apps from Windows shortcuts, check this page out ->

Thnks to you all, specially to SpigaZ, {PRE}, paco, jonp, ki9a, MDK,
miguel, federico, Tor Lillqvist, among others.

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