[Gtk-sharp-list] Problem with adding and removing HBox based classes form a view port.

Clark Endrizzi cendrizzi at gmail.com
Tue Oct 25 15:22:44 EDT 2005

Hi all. I'm a complete noob at this stuff (haven't done non-web programming
since I did C++ and MFC many years ago). So I'm learning C# (which is pretty
straigh forward, very nice language) and GTK (which seems to be a lot of
stuff when you try to extend it beyond Glade). Here is my issue.

I have a viewport that I'm including an HBox based class with text fields in
it (contact information). Basically I am writing an Address Book program
that is similar to Apples in that you click on a person and it shows there
info in another pane. To edit the contact you click on an edit button and
instead of opening a seperate window it changes the contact viewing pane
with the same info but in dialog boxes (and hence editable). Once your done
you click apply and it switches the pane back to the view when you start
(static view).

To facilitate this I've created a viewport inside the viewing pane and I
have two classes based off HBox that I'm using; one for viewing (just using
labels) and one for editing (with the text boxes). So I start my main window
with the glade stuff and add the default view (the class using labels)
inside the viewing pane, everythings great. Then I click on the edit button
and I have it so that from the view port object it calls the "Remove"
function and then it try's to "Add" (the same way the default view gets
added) the editing HBox class. It looks like it removes it fine, but then it
doesnt' add the other (or at least it's not showing). Is this not possible?
It's not giving me errors when I try and do this.

I will include the relevant code:
This is in my main windows contructor. It's creating both classes that I
want to use in the same pane. I then set the static viewing class to my view
this.ContactVEdit = new ContactViewEdit();
this.ContactVView = new ContactViewView();

I call this when the edit button is clicked. It's supposed to toggle between
the two views (so the user can edit and then view the contact from the same
 public void On_EditContact (object o, EventArgs args)
this.ContactViewOnEdit = false;
this.Edit_GtkButton.Label = "Edit";
this.ContactViewOnEdit = true;
this.Edit_GtkButton.Label = "Apply";

Again, the view class is showing up but when the edit button is clicked then
the view class gets dropped but it's just grey, like the other class is not
being loaded. I'm sure I just don't know GTK well enough.

Sorry for the lengthy email and thanks for your help!
-Clark Endrizzi
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