[Gtk-sharp-list] TreeView RowActivated triggers twice

László Monda mondalaci at gmail.com
Mon Oct 24 03:52:01 EDT 2005

> lör 2005-10-22 klockan 17:15 +0200 skrev László Monda:
> > Hi List,
> >
> > I'm writing a file manager application using GTK# and I have some
> > problems with the TreeView widget.  In my application TreeView
> > functions as the basis of the file panel that shows the files of a
> > directory.  When the user changes a directory, I'm using SetCursor to
> > set the cursor to the first entry of the panel.
> >
> > The problem is that when I use the enter key to select a directory,
> > the RowActivated event gets triggered two times right after each
> > other.  It's very annoying because this effect makes the panel change
> > another directory (the first directory entry) again.
> >
> > It is odd that using the mouse for activating a row doesn't cause this problem.
> >
> > How can I avoid RowActivated being triggered twice?

On 10/22/05, Fredrik Nilsson <jymdman at home.se> wrote:
> Hi,
> Can't reproduce this behaviour on my machine, entry key doesn't trigger
> RowActivated twice.
> Do you have any codesample to try out??

Huh, it'll sound stupid but I can't reproduce this behaviour anymore. 
I modified the source since then and this behaviour has disappeared. 
However if I ever trigger it again, I'll report it here.


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