[Gtk-sharp-list] Question about TreeNode

Arrigo Razzini arrigo.razzini at gmail.com
Fri Oct 21 05:49:53 EDT 2005

Hello to all ,

in a TreeView I can pack two (or more) CellRenderer in a single
TreeViewColumn (for example I can pack a pixbuf cell for the icon and
a text cell for generic text) ...

TreeViewColumn column = new TreeViewColumn();
column.AddAttribute (cellPixbuf, "pixbuf", 0);
column.AddAttribute (cellText, "text", 1);
store.AppendValues (new Gdk.Pixbuf("image.png"), "hello world");

... but now I'm trying to use a NodeView/NodeStore instead of
TreeView/TreeStore and I don't understand as it is possible to make
the same without creating another Column in the TreeNode.

[TreeNode (ColumnCount=1)]
public class GenericNode : TreeNode {

string name;

public GenericNode (string name)
     this.name = name;

[TreeNodeValue (Column=0)]
     public string Name
             get { return name; }
NodeStore store = new NodeStore(typeof (GenericNode));
NodeView view = new NodeView (Store);

is it possible to have two or more CellRenderer for the same Column
using a TreeNode ?


P.S.: sorry for my badly english

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