[Gtk-sharp-list] Win32-Gtk# TextView.Buffer.Text Exception

Adam Tauno Williams awilliam at whitemice.org
Tue Oct 11 20:48:09 EDT 2005

I am using Gtk# runtime from
- version to try to run a Gtk# application written on Mono/Linux on a
windows workstation.  The application runs except setting the text for a
TextView causes an exception,  but setting the text for a simple entry does
work.  It creates the following exception -

Message: Key cannot be null.
Parameter name: key
Stack Trace:    at System.Collections.Hashtable.ContainsKey(Object key)
   at GLib.ObjectManager.GetValidParentType(IntPtr raw)
   at GLib.ObjectManager.CreateObject(IntPtr raw)
   at GLib.Object.GetObject(IntPtr o, Boolean owned_ref)
   at GLib.Object.GetObject(IntPtr o)
   at Gtk.TextView.get_Buffer()
   at Billtron.SOAPDemo.MainWindow.OnSearch(Object sender, EventArgs args)

Code looks like -
  case "12345":
     firstName.Text = "Test";
     lastName.Text = "Name";
     collector.Text = "Ms. Dide";
     statusDate.Text = "2005-10-04";
     notes.Buffer.Text = "Blah Blah Blah";

This code works fine on Mono/LINUX.  It looks like something happens inside the

Adam Tauno Williams - http://www.whitemice.org

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