[Gtk-sharp-list] NodeView row refreshes only when there's mouse activity

Mike Kestner mkestner at novell.com
Wed Nov 30 13:42:29 EST 2005

On Wed, 2005-11-30 at 17:51 +0000, Archie Maskill wrote:

> This happens on both Windows 2000 and Linux.
> Is this a bug?  Or is it done for reasons of efficiency, and I'm
> supposed to call some kind of refresh method once I've made a change
> to a node's value?  What do other people do to get round this?

Not really a bug.  

You need to make "variable" a property and invoke TreeNode.OnChanged in
the setter to cause a TreeNode.Changed event to be emitted.  I guess we
shouldn't have added AttributeTargets.Field to TreeNodeValueAttribute
after all.

At least I think that should solve your problem.

Mike Kestner <mkestner at novell.com>

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