[Gtk-sharp-list] Gdk.Pixbuf.RenderPixmapAndMask question

Dan Winship danw at novell.com
Mon Nov 28 10:09:08 EST 2005

Mariano Benedettini wrote:
> Hello,
> Monodoc says that Gdk.Pixbuf.RenderPixmapAndMask returns a mask of type 
> Gdk.Pixmap ( and actually, it does). But, according to the Gtk Api, it 
> should return a Gdk.Bitmap 
> (http://developer.gnome.org/doc/API/2.0/gdk/gdk-Pixbufs.html#gdk-pixbuf-render-pixmap-and-mask). 
> Is this right, or am I missing something here?
> Should this be fixed ?

GdkBitmap isn't actually its own type, it's just a typedef alias for 
GdkPixmap. Since C# doesn't have typedefs, we have to call them all 
Gdk.Pixmaps (the same way GtkAllocation becomes Gdk.Rectangle).

-- Dan

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