[Gtk-sharp-list] Rsvg.Too.PixbufFromFileAtSize does not accept non-english characters in a filename

Filip filip26 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 18 17:43:35 EST 2005


I try to create a pixbuf from a filename that contains non-english
characters and Rsvg fails with an exception:

360  FATAL F7.GtkGo.GoApp  - Exception: GLib.GException
Message: No such file or directory
Source: rsvg-sharp
in <0x000a5> Rsvg.Tool:PixbufFromFileAtSize (System.String file_name, Int32 widt
h, Int32 height)

I use WindowsXP and Mono-1.1.10.

System.IO.Filestream has no problem with the file. I guest that Rsvg
has own file handling.

Second question: Is there any progress with this bug:

Using of SVG is key part of my application, that is developed in my
free time, and I'm little bit moody because of the bugs.


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