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Clark Endrizzi cendrizzi at gmail.com
Fri Nov 11 11:10:01 EST 2005

Hi guys,
I've tried to go everywhere for an answer on this (except here!). I am
starting gnome development with mono, so I have no previous gtk experience
and I'm trying to figure out how I can do what I need with treeview.

I'm writing a simple address book app ala Mac OS X's address book and am
pretty far along. Basically it has two paines, the left side with a list of
names (using treeview) and the right side displaying the selected name's
contact information. On the left side I only show the names of each contact.
When it's selected I'm using this chunk of code (copied from monodoc's

this.Selection.Changed += OnSelectionChanged;
// code in between
protected void OnSelectionChanged (object o, EventArgs args)
TreeIter iter;
TreeModel model;

if (((TreeSelection)o).GetSelected(out model, out iter))
this.currentSelection = (string)model.GetValue (iter, 0);
Console.WriteLine ("{0} was selected", this.currentSelection);

This tells me when one is selected, giving me that contracts name as shown
in the treeview.

It works nice for getting the selected name but as in just about any
database app, it would be much more useful to have a way of retrieving the
contact_id when I select a name (since the possibility exists of having a
duplicate name, etc). I do web development so I'm used to having a select
widget that I can define each option like so: <option
value="22">Name</option>. This allows me to dispaly "Name" but it returns
the id "22" when selected. I know treeview is much more advanced than the
simple HTML select widget but can I achieve this same thing using treeview.

I would really appreciate any help on this since it's basically preventing
me from going any further with this app (and my mono learning in general).

Thanks much in advance!
-Clark Endrizzi
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