[Gtk-sharp-list] GTK# 2.6.0 on Windows

Eric Butler eric at extremeboredom.net
Thu Nov 3 17:58:24 EST 2005

Hi everyone,

I need to test an application that uses GTK# 2.6.0 (including gnome#)
on windows. The latest installer on novell forge is obviously only

While I was able to get cygwin all set up and bootstrap/compile gtk#
using csc, etc., I am having a *lot* of trouble trying to get anything
actually running (DllNotFoundExceptions, AccessViolationExceptions,
assemblies not showing up in the GAC properly, etc.).

Is the source for the experimental 2.3.92 installer avaliable? Does
anyone have any notes that give a general overview of how to get
everything set up?

I would *really* appreciate any help anyone can offer.

Thanks a lot,

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