[Gtk-sharp-list] Gtk.ComboBoxEntry either Ridiculously designed, or i'm dumb!

Phil Durand draek at shaw.ca
Sun May 15 22:09:57 EDT 2005

Ok, I'm using a Gtk.ComboBoxEntry (because the ComboBox is now obsolete)
but I'm really finding it hard to use. I dont have an "entry" object in
it, like the combobox had before, so I have no way of grabbing the text
directly from the widget unless I play with Iters... its really becoming

Before, I could do:

Combo.Text = "new text";

but now, I have to do:

Gtk.TreeIter iter;

Combo.GetActiveIter(out iter);

Combo.Model.SetValue(iter, 1, "new text");

now of course these two things essentially do something different to get
the same end result on the display, but it just seems like there could
be such easier ways to manipulate the information within a Combo box!

For example, ComboBoxItem, there, this contains all the information

ComboBoxItem item = Combo.Items.Add();

item.Text = "new text";
item.Tag = myObject;

or something... Does anyone follow my drift?

Philippe Durand
Galaxium Messenger

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