[Gtk-sharp-list] HBox and Buttons

Nick Peters nick.peters@candoltd.com
Thu, 05 May 2005 15:46:18 -0500


Thanks for the quick reply. Since my last post, i have actually 
downloaded the glade interface designer and have been having better luck 
getting the UI the way that i wanted. I'll keep playing and see what i 
can come up with. Thanks for the help again. I am sure that I'll have 
further questions in the future.

-Nick Peters

Rafael Teixeira wrote:

>First, your HBox need be inside a adjustable container.
>Second, your need have Expand and Fill properties set to false, or it
>may expand to anything it's container desires.
>Third, it is a hbox, all your buttons will have the same height,
>either the one set for the HBox or the height of the tallest button.
>You can change button widths, but if you forget to make the hbox have
>one empty slot at the end one of the buttons will normally be expanded
>to complete the HBox width.
>In GTK (and GTK#) it is not recommended to explicitly set sizes for
>widgets (controls) as they expand/contract depending on content (so
>that they automatically adjust when switching translations for
>I recommend you to toy a bit with the glade-2 UI designer to have a
>feel of what kind of interactions you have between widget properties
>and content/container related issues.
>On 5/5/05, Nick Peters <nick.peters@candoltd.com> wrote: