[Gtk-sharp-list] SignalArgs and Application.Quit()

Eric Sowell eric.sowell@lexelsoftware.com
Sun, 27 Mar 2005 01:27:13 -0600

Hello all.

I'm another gtk# newbie trying to really figure out what is going on. 
Here's my question.

I've noticed two different ways of closing a gtk# application. One is, 
on the delete event of the main window, to call Application.Quit(). And 
this closes down the app just fine here on my windows machine. However, 
I've noticed other places that something else is added, as in the 
following (which is taken from 

     static void Window_Delete (object obj, DeleteEventArgs args)
          SignalArgs sa = (SignalArgs) args;
          Application.Quit ();
          sa.RetVal = true;

I know that SignalArgs is for "Arguments and return value for signal", 
but what is it really doing here? Is it necessary to both Quit() and use 
the SignalArgs? What are we signalling that Application.Quit() isn't 
signalling? I'm sure this isn't a huge earth-shattering issue, but I am 
quite curious. Thanks.

Eric Sowell