[Gtk-sharp-list] Could someone explain why this is crashing?

Mike Flippin mikeflippin@blindmindseye.com
Fri, 18 Mar 2005 17:17:52 -0500

Hmmm. If that be the case, then does anyone know how to get Gecko# 
working with the Windows installer distributed by the Mono website? I 
can't imagine there's any real difference at all between the Novell 
Forge and Mono website versions of glade# though. *sigh*

My biggest reason for learning Gtk# has been Gecko# and seeing as how I 
end up working on Windows a lot, that's something I need that IIRC isn't 
included with the Windows installer from the Mono website. Am I wrong or 

Fredrik Nilsson wrote:

>Hi Mike,
>My guess is that there is a problem with the Windows build you are
>using. Your example work for me on Linux with mono 1.1.4 and gtk# from
>On fre, 2005-03-18 at 07:29 -0800, mikeflippin@blindmindseye.com wrote:
>>I get this exception every time I try to a combo box, or anything else
>>that is derived from Gtk.Container.
>>Unhandled Exception: System.ArgumentException: Object type cannot be
>>converted to target type.
>>Parameter name: val in <0x000b6> System.Reflection.MonoField:SetValue
>>in <0x00173> Glade.XML:BindFields (object,System.Type)
>>in <0x00019> Glade.XML:BindFields (object)
>>in <0x00016> Glade.XML:Autoconnect (object)
>>in <0x00047> TestNewEntry:.ctor (string[])
>>in <0x00027> TestNewEntry:Main (string[])
>>Could someone explain what is going on here?