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Anset Anset@anset.org
Wed, 16 Mar 2005 13:44:13 +0100


Comming from the same situation about 6 months ago, here is where I 
find/found most of the info I look for:

Official Mono Documentation site:

When you install mono, the monodoc app is installed on your system aswel.

It contains a general description, tutorials and the api itself.
If you want to learn GTK#, you have to read the api information because 
that is about all there is... :(

However, since Gtk# is simply a layer on top of the original Gtk+, you 
can read that documentation. YOu will have to translate the C code into 
C# code, but it should help a lot.

Also be aware that not all the Gtk+ functionality is available in Gtk# yet.

Documentation on Gtk+ can be found on:


look in the Documentation section.

The same info and more can also be found at:


Here you can also find the "GTK+/Gnome Application Development" online 
book. It is quite dated, but gives a nice picture of the innerworkins of 
Gdk and Gtk without getting too detailed.

The Tutorial on http://www.gtk.org/tutorial/ is smaller, and focusses 
more on the widgets, less on the inner workings.

Other points of info:
The ruby and C++ ports of Gtk have good documentation sites. Sometimes 
that code is clearer than the original C code. :) The C++ port is also 
written with classes, which makes it closer to Gtk#. (Look them up in 
google: ruby port = ruby-gnome2 and C++ port = gtkmm)

Last and most important is the cvs and/or svn source code.
Not so eay to navigate and understand if you are new to this, but all 
the info is there:


This Gtk-sharp-list mailing list has however been quite dissapointing 
for me so far...

One thing to be aware of is the different versions of Gtk#: At the 
moment there is the stable 1.0.4/6/8 version(s), and the development 
1.9.2 version (I use the first

If you want to use Gtk# on a windows platform, go to 
http://forge.novell.com/modules/xfmod/project/?gtks-inst4win where you 
can download a win32 installer. (The 1.9.2 installer will install both 
the Gtk# 1.0.6 and 1.9.2 gtk-sharp libraries. The first have version and the second have version in the GAC.)
(if you don't  know what the GAC is, ask.)

I hope the above can help a bit.



xiii29@free.fr wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm a newbie in Gtk and Gtk# Dev so i'm wondering if someone kwowns where I can
> find some examples or tutorials ...
> I've tryed throw the website (wiki) but no data are dysplayed where the doc
> pages ...
> Thanks !
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