[Gtk-sharp-list] Some quick comments/questions from a newbie.

Bet's On! Bet's On! <l33ts0n@gmail.com>
Sat, 12 Mar 2005 16:20:45 -0500

I've been playing with GTK# recently (version 1.9.2 I think?) and I
thought I'd comment and question some things I noticed:

*There's no object or mechanism with which to prompt a user to select
a directory instead of selecting a file. Am I supposed to use the
FileSelection dialog instead?

I'm not sure that's the way its to be done--FileSelection does not
expose a "DirectoryName" property, though its kinda-sorta possible to
grab the current directory by messing with one of the exposed controls
that where the current directory is displayed at--but if that ever
changes, the whole method fails miserably.

*Speaking of FileSelection, I notice there's no way to gank the return
result (user clicked 'OK' or 'Cancel') without having to use a
delegate. Is that intentional?

*TreeView and the MVC pattern: I love the extensibility of the MVC
pattern as it applies to the TreeView control, don't get me wrong,
but, oooh... ... ...has anyone considered, say, a *simplier* way of
creating The Usual Suspects--you know, combo boxes, listboxes, etc.
Prefabs, in other words, that wrap the TreeView's MVC architecture but
expose a simplier, faster method of getting things done?

Sometimes, I just want a listbox.

*GTK 2.4 vs GTK 2.6--does GTK# 2.0 intend on using GTK 2.6 and its
file selection dialogs? The ones we have now are kind of... I guess,
"disconcerting" to look at and interact with.

*Are we supposed to be able to inherit CellRenderer? I tried it once,
but I got a strange "binary format" exception (can't quite remember
the wording). Are there any examples of how to inherit and implement
CellRenderer available?

That's about all of my critisms and questions; thanks for reading this
far (suck a wet sock if you haven't, buddy). ;)

Bet's On!

P.S: I love you, Paco.