[Gtk-sharp-list] How to learn Gtk#?

Patrick Sauer patrick.daniel.rainer.sauer@gmail.com
Wed, 09 Mar 2005 15:57:20 +0100


I want to learn Gtk#/Gda# .. ;-)

I like the idea of mono and its C# and Gtk#, but I can't find good
documentation, tutorials or books.

Monodoc isn't very good to learn, perhaps it is good to find out how
something works when you forgot it.

And http://www.gotmono.com/docs/gnome/bindings/gtk-sharp/gtk-sharp.html
isn't complete and confuses me, because some things don't work and seems
to be old and other things seems to be written in C?

I bought "Mono - A Developer's Notebook" and of course I like it, but it
doesn't go into the depth.

It is very depressing that you can find or buy very lot stuff about Java
(Swing), but you can't find docu about mono.

I am not very fit in programming, but I want to improve my
abilities ;-). At the moment I am not sure if mono was or is the right
choice to learn... what now?