[Gtk-sharp-list] Loading glade resource files

Emerson Posadas toxickore@linuxmail.org
Sat, 05 Mar 2005 00:26:44 -0700

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You can also try with the -resource option.
Try something like this:

$mcs file.cs -resource:mygladefile.glade

Rafael Teixeira wrote:

>Did you embed the glade file as a resource in the executable? Most of
>our examples use the call that loads the glade xml file from a
>Just give an extra option ( /res:relativepathtoyourgladefile.xml ) to
>mcs when compiling and adjust the name accordingly in the constructor
>for Glade.XML.
>Example from csboard:
> Glade.XML gXML = new Glade.XML ("resource/csboard.glade",
>"csboardWindow", null);
> gXML.Autoconnect (this);
>Look for details in the tutorial...
>On Thu, 03 Mar 2005 00:49:39 -0500, Mike Flippin
><mikeflippin@blindmindseye.com> wrote:
>>I am new to Glade and GTK# and am having trouble loading up a glade
>>resource. I'm trying to follow the tutorial on the Mono site where you
>>build a Gecko#-based browser, but I can't get it to load my
>>project.glade file even though it's in the same directory as the
>>tutorial .exe file. Am I missing something like a common gotcha here?
>>Any help would be appreciated as I am really looking foward to getting
>>accustomed to developing with Glade.
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