[Gtk-sharp-list] Gnome.Canvas issues

Paulo Pires paulo.pires@vodafone.pt
Wed, 02 Mar 2005 17:53:54 +0000

Hi fellows!

As said before, I'm developing a traffic-light management system using
Gnome.Canvas for all graphical operations. I'm having some issues atm!

1 - When will Gnome.Canvas work on Windows?

2 - Gnome.CanvasWidget seems not to be working! I've done an example
where a Gnome.CanvasWidget is assigned to a Gnome.Canvas instance, such


VBox v = new VBox();
v.PackStart(new Label("test"), false, false, 0);
v.PackStart(new Gdk.Pixbuf("test_image.png", false, false, 0);

Gnome.Canvas mycanvas = new Gnome.Canvas();
Gnome.CanvasGroup canvas_root = mycanvas.Root();

Gnome.CanvasWidget wdg = new Gnome.CanvasWidget(canvas_root);
wdg.Widget = v;


This won't add my Widget to my canvas :(

3 - I try to define a background image for my canvas. I ended up putting
a Gnome.CanvasPixbuf into the canvas. Is there other way of doing this?


Gnome.CanvasPixbuf canvas_bg = new Gnome.CanvasPixbuf(canvas_root);
canvas_bg.Pixbuf = new Gdk.Pixbuf("cruzamento_oia.png");


This works out. The issue is that it isn't added into Canvas.X=0 and
Canvas.Y=0, even if I defined as so.

I've been around Monodoc, and #mono @ irc.gimp.us.org, but completely
unable to find any tip or help.

Thanks in advance
Paulo Pires