Ant: Re: [Gtk-sharp-list] gtk-sharp.dll not working on linux because it references win32 dll's

Todd Berman tberman at
Fri Jul 22 13:03:02 EDT 2005

On Fri, 2005-07-22 at 18:54 +0200, Jost Boekemeier wrote:
> Todd,
> > > > The issue you dont seem to understand is that
> > there
> > > > is no "default" version.
> > > 
> > > Sounds like a fundamental flaw.  
> > If your application is not capable of dealing with
> > multiple versions 
> what makes you think that we cannot deal with multiple
> library versions?  The application has been ported
> from java, so we must do this ourselfs.
> I *do* know about the issues, it's just that I don't
> agree that you want me to use the GAC, which I cannot
> and will not use because certain mappings are missing.

If you can't handle the GAC, then you can't handle multiple versions
in .NET

> Instead I thought it would be possible to use the
> libraries that you install in the lib directory.

If you follow the symlink to load the actual real file, it is possible,
or if you know how to write code, and read from the GAC itself, that
will work too.

> As it appears this is not possible on Linux, because
> you "forgot" to install the .config files.

Not forgot, they are in the GAC, next to the dll files, not in the
lib/gtk-sharp dir next to the symlinks. The symlinks exist as
compilation helpers, because you can't load an assembly directly from
the GAC during compilation (csc wont do it either).

It is also possible that you have poorly installed this software.
Considering your obvious windows only bias, it wouldn't surprise me if
that was the case.

> Anyway, these .config files are not ECMA standard and
> it is unlikely that the other ECMA 335 VM's (DotGNU or
> MS .NET) support it.  So your build process is broken
> anyway and has to be fixed -- I can do this, if you
> want, but I don't have much time at the moment.

Nope, they arent, which is EXACTLY why we use them. This is what allows
gtk# to work on and mono with the same binary.

And lets be honest, if DotGNU doesn't support it, how does that matter?
No one uses it.

> Until then I have simply marked Linux as not
> supported.

Fine to me, considering I have no clue what your application actually
does, and only posted to this thread because you seemed particularly in
need of a clue.

I assume as well then you have marked OSX as not supported as well.

It sounds like you really are leveraging the crossplatform abilities
of .NET, which really is a good thing.


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