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Jost Boekemeier jostb2345 at
Thu Jul 21 14:38:26 EDT 2005


> Because MS didn't thought that other platforms
> should be supported.

Neither do I.  Why do you want to make a system
library like gtk-sharp independent of the operating

> > b) why only on linux
> It isn't only in linux, it is also in MacOSX 

That's not the point.  I don't understand why you
cannot write the information during configure.  You
already do this on windows, why not on Linux and

> No it CAN'T go in the library itself 

On windows the information *is* in the library.  Why
are Linux or MacOSX special?

> incompatible with ECMA and MS.NET in that point. 


> also it is easier
> to manage building for many platforms the way it is
> today.

Why is it easier to hard-code the windows name into
the library instead of writing @libgtk@ and let
autoconf do the rest?

> So you aren't talking of a user but of a developer,

The problem is currently that recent versions of
gtk-sharp cannot be used because the .config files are
missing in /usr/local/lib/mono/gtk-sharp2.  That's

If there are now other ways to load gtk-sharp, I could
arrange to change my software.  It's just that I don't
see a method which loads the most recent version of
the library, be it 0.6 or 1.x.

Jost Boekemeier


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