[Gtk-sharp-list] Code Completion ???

Peter Johanson latexer at gentoo.org
Wed Jul 20 16:22:40 EDT 2005

On Wed, Jul 20, 2005 at 05:14:18PM -0300, Rafael Teixeira wrote:
> BTW, MonoDevelop's completion code is being reworked to be pluggable
> into various "editing" points, besides the main editor window.
> Paulo,
> Give Latexer some days to finish it up, or even better help him getting it done.

It actually got commited today. (: Unfortunately, it still requires a
lot of the parser infrastructure and other pieces from monodevelop
though. None the less, it would be a good example of how it might be


Peter Johanson
<latexer at gentoo.org>

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