[Gtk-sharp-list] Memory usage

Nebojsa Djogo djogon at gmail.com
Wed Jul 20 13:45:56 EDT 2005

> The Drawable class implements the IDisposable interface because its
> unmanaged resources can't be safely collected by the GC. You should
> explicitly free any drawables you don't need by using the Dispose()
> method (eg myDrawable.Dispose() ).

Thanks Alexandros - while this is not the problem I am having it's
good to know that the Drawable is derived from IDisposable. I changed
the code to take this into count.

What I am doing most of the time  is using Pixbufs to draw on Drawable
surfaces using


I have traced it down to the fact that it has something to do with the
Opaque class.
There seems to be a static Hashtable called Opaques that holds
WeakReferences to Opaque objects.
It seems that the issue is coming from there. I did not get my hands
dirty enough yet to pinpoint any issues with this code so if anyone
already knows about that class - any help would be appretiated.


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