[Gtk-sharp-list] Memory usage

Nebojsa Djogo djogon at gmail.com
Tue Jul 19 12:52:38 EDT 2005

Hello all,

I just subscribed to this list and this is my first mail... bear with me... :)

What I did is
1) Develop an application using VS.NET and Gtk#/glade  (it is a simple
lines clone game)
2) Run that application on Windows and Linux under MONO and make sure
it work well.

It was not too hard to do and everything works great on both platforms
(little faster on linux I think even though the CPU is half the speed,
but ... ). There is no difference whatsoever in the game being run on
Windows or Linux - GREAT!

The only issue I have is the memory usage. The game is constantly
drawing on the .Drawable surfaces - many times per second as there are
simply sprites moving around.
I deliberately wanted to copy and draw larger portions of the window
at times with transparency to test the performance as this was my
first Gtk# project.
I even put in a call to GC.Collect() at certain intervals to make sure
it's not the issue with GC.

After a while the memory usage goes up to several hundreds of Mb. I
tried tracking down the leak and I always end up in Gtk libraries.

I am using the latest build. similar symptoms on Windows
running under MS.NET and under MONO

A few questions...

1) Anyone has the similar experience? If so ... any advice...
2) What is the best way to fix these
   a) Report to Bugzilla
   b) Try to fix it myself.

Other than that - I just want to extend my congratulations for the job
well done so far to the Gtk# development team. THIS STUFF WORKS GREAT!

If anyone wants to play the game by the way ... you can get the compiled zip at

Thanks for any comments,

Nebojsa Djogo
Software River solutions, Inc.

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