[Gtk-sharp-list] Skinning

Anset Anset at anset.org
Mon Jul 18 11:49:56 EDT 2005


skinning in gtk is called resource themes.

You will be using the Style class (every gtk object has a style) and
resource files to adapt the styles to your liking.

Take a look at the resource class inthe gtk api.
That should get you started.

Then look at the default themes installed on your machine, called gtk.rc
or something like it.

If you are working on a windows machine, and you installed a recent
mono, you should have a theme switcher tool.

Have fun.


Nick Peters wrote:
> Hey All,
> I have been reading a few sites about skinning gtk applications, but i
> am un able to find any information on how to do it. I am assuming that
> gtk# has the feature as well. Has anybody tried this out? Anybody know
> some sites that have a good tutorial on this topic? I have been
> searching google, but i haven't found much. Thanks in advance.
> -Nick
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