[Gtk-sharp-list] GTK# linux/windows ... but OSX ?

ted leslie tleslie at tcn.net
Fri Jul 15 12:24:51 EDT 2005

I am developing a app. now that I will deploy on Win32 and Linux, 
and GTK# appears to be the way to go. Now from my reading I understand it will 
work on a OSX box if they are running X11?
Not knowing anything about a Mac that brings up the following questions:
What does it take for a Mac OS user (assuming user is brain dead) to run X?
	- is it an option on Mac thats easy to choose?
	- perhaps in recent versions X is there by default?

Now if it isnt easy to "turn on" X on a Mac .... wouldn't it be useful to:
Build a wrapper allowing GTK# to work on the native OSX windowing system,
even if not efficent, just to allow for a write once deploy on 
MACOSX/linux/win32 development environment (with respect to GUI based apps.) ? 

The GUI FAQ  on the mono web site really seems to imply there isn't a
solution at this time?


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