[Gtk-sharp-list] Dos window - when launch app on Win32 OS - how to remove it ?

ted leslie tleslie at tcn.net
Fri Jul 15 03:45:16 EDT 2005

I just started using GTK# with mono and was happy that a
small little app worked on my linux OS.
I moved it to Win2000 and ran it (after installing gtk# runtime)
and it works!!! but it brings up a dos window (cmd window?)
as well as my GUI window.
I don't use Windows to often, but i have to check to make sure what I 
create in mono/gtk# that I run on Linux, will run on Windows ... 
I remember something about setting an app to run via console in a older Win OS
but I don't see that as an option under properties on Win2000 (on the app icon on desktop),
so is the cmd console coming up by default via gtk#/mono? and if so, how can i get rid of
it? I thought it might be coming up as a result of some Console.write's so i nuked them,
so nothing is going out to STDOUT, but it didn't change it, the cmd console still pops
up in addition to my GUI app.
Anyone know how to stop this?



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