[Gtk-sharp-list] testDnD Sample

underdog10 at netcourrier.com underdog10 at netcourrier.com
Mon Jul 11 10:48:28 EDT 2005


I'd like to drop to my application files from Explorer on GNU/Linux and win32. 
The testdnd program in the GTK# distribution doesn't show how to received data from an another application.

The drag can be initiated but I can not drop into my program.
The testdnd program uses the following target entry list:

static GtkTargetEntry target_table[] = {
  { "STRING",     0, TARGET_STRING },
  { "text/plain", 0, TARGET_STRING },
  { "application/x-rootwindow-drop", 0, TARGET_ROOTWIN }

I try to replace uri string to match the files type i want to drop, but did not have any succes.

I would like to be able to drop archive file (zip, tar, bzip2, etc..) into my application.

Do I need to add another entry? Or is it a feature not already implemented in 

Thanks for help.

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