[Gtk-sharp-list] ./autogen.sh problems

Charles Iliya Krempeaux Charles Iliya Krempeaux <supercanadian@gmail.com>
Wed, 26 Jan 2005 22:56:50 -0800


I'm trying to get back into Gtk# and Mono development.  (It's been
more than a year I think.)

I checked out the source, and ran "./autogen.sh" but got some errors. 
Here's the message I got from it:

    **Warning**: I am going to run `configure' with no arguments.
    If you wish to pass any to it, please specify them on the
    `./autogen.sh' command line.
    Running libtoolize...
    Running aclocal  ...
    Running autoheader...
    Running automake --gnu  ...
    EXTRA_DIST: variable `SYMBOLS' is used but `SYMBOLS' is undefined
    **Error**: automake failed.

Any ideas?

Let me know please.

See ya

     Charles Iliya Krempeaux, B.Sc.

     charles @ reptile.ca
     supercanadian @ gmail.com