[Gtk-sharp-list] MonoLaunch & XBGM & other

underdog10@netcourrier.com underdog10@netcourrier.com
Wed, 26 Jan 2005 00:10:32 +0000


i own the project XBGM (xbgm.sourceforge.net) which is written in C=23 usi=
ng a GTK=23 UI and is multi platform (Win32, Linux).

In order to remove the command line window when running xbgm on win32, i c=
ontact Paco for MonoLaunch (http://www.mfconsulting.com/mono).

Since the last version, I can now run XBGM nicely on win32 witho=
ut all gtk sharp dll in the XBGM install dir. So now I don't even need to =
set mono environment any more in a batch file wich confuse many  users of =

The only thing missing in GTK=23 is a nice FileChooserDialog and also a to=
 have a real DirectoryChooserDialog.

I'am also looking for someone to make it run on MacOS X and other platform=
 support by mono.

So thanks for all the work done with mono and GTK=23.


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