[Gtk-sharp-list] support for CellRendererCombo?

Adam Lydick lydickaw@ruffledpenguin.org
Fri, 14 Jan 2005 03:09:33 -0800

I noticed that CellRendererCombo doesn't seem to have a C# wrapper yet
(libgtk2.0-cil, version: 1.9.1). Can anyone share a clever way to work
around this? Three solutions come to mind, but I'm uncertain how to
approach any of them (and I'd rather not spend a lot of time hacking up
my own solution if there is an easier way):

* Create a custom cell renderer that embeds a normal gtkcombo widget
* Manually write the same p/invoke magic that Gtk# does.
* Map it myself.


Adam Lydick <lydickaw@ruffledpenguin.org>