[Gtk-sharp-list] Append and retrieve a row from a Gtk.TreeView

Vincent Arnoux vincent.arnoux@rfo.atmel.com
Tue, 22 Feb 2005 18:48:11 +0100

Vincent Arnoux a =E9crit :

> Hello,
> I am coding and application in which I need to have a 2 columns list=20
> displaying text.
> From the fnuction below "makeList", I can populate my list, but there=20
> is no way to add another row from another function (after the button=20
> is clicked).
> I don't understand why:
> - jobsStore.Data.Count is 0
> - Appending the value outof the initial function looks to be not workin=
> Could please somebody have a look at it and tell me what's wrong ? I=20
> don't know neither how to retrieve or remove a row.
> Does someone have a simple application using these functions ?
> [...]

Solved ! It looks like if the TreeStore is not initialized but populated=20
afterwards, it is working.
Sorry for the noise...