[Gtk-sharp-list] 4 small and bigger gtk problems

Thomas Zühlke muell_muell_@gmx.net
Wed, 02 Feb 2005 14:50:44 +0100

Hi *,

the first problem ist, that my window contains a toolbar (it's 
vertical), but if there are too many buttons in the toolbar, i can not 
see the last ones. is it possible to make the toolbar scrollable or 
something like that?

The second problem ist, that the main part of my window is a Gtk.Fixed. 
And if the window starts and i do not set "...SetSizeRequest(700, 500);" 
the window is realy small. But if i set the SetSizeRequest it can not be 
make smaler by the user. i want the size of 700x500 at startup and then 
should the user be able to make the window smaler (not only bigger).

The third problem ist, that i have a drawingarea and i need a 
doubleclick event on it. there is no problem with one button click 
(simple using ButtonPressEvent...), but i can't finde anything like 

the last and important problem ist, that i have placed widgets on my 
Gtk.Fixed. This widget is a HBox, with contains a VBox (with some 
Buttons on the left side), a DrawingArea (in the middle) and another 
VBox (also with some buttons on the rigth side). now i need the position 
of the buttons in the Gtk.Fixed. But the Gtk.Fixed only tells me the 
position of the whole widget with "GetPointer" and if i try "GetPointer" 
of the VBox, i only get a -1 and -1.