[Gtk-sharp-list] NPlot + Gtk# + Windows

Ivan ivan.teoh at gmail.com
Thu Dec 22 04:30:04 EST 2005


(1)When I try to add NPlot.Gtk.PlotSurface2D into Gtk.Widget (such as
HBox), I got this compile error:
error CS1502: The best overloaded method match for
`Gtk.Container.Add(Gtk.Widget)' has some invalid arguments
error CS1503: Argument 1: Cannot convert from
`NPlot.Gtk.PlotSurface2D' to `Gtk.Widget'
(2)Do we need gtk-dotnet.dll in order to use NPlot? If yes, where can I get it?
(3)Do we need nplot.gtk.dll in order to use NPlot on gtk#? If yes,
where can I get it?
(4)I saw there are many version NPlot on internet (such as
http://primates.ximian.com/~miguel/tmp/NPlot-Gtk- and
http://gnomefiles.org/app.php?soft_id=639). Which one is suitable for
GTK# on Windows platform?



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