[Gtk-sharp-list] Printing with Gnome on Win32

Ivan, Wong Yat Cheung email at ivanwong.info
Mon Dec 19 12:37:46 EST 2005

Daniel Morgan wrote:
> You may need the unmanaged libraries for GnomePrint.  I'm not sure if 
> the windows installer includes them or not.  Do not use the ones from 
> Cygwin.  You might be able to get them from ftp.gtk.org <ftp://ftp.gtk.org>
As the author of the Win32/GDI module of libgnomeprint, I can say that 
libgnomeprint supports Win32 officially. However, it's still quite 
buggy. You can submit any bug report to bugzilla.g.o.

> I've heard that gnome print works on windows if you mess with it 
> enough.  However, the gnome print ui that includes the print dialog does 
> not.
Building libgnomeprint(ui) is not really difficult if you know how to 
build hello-world for gtk+/win32. Actually, libgnomeprintui is more 
solid than libgnomeprint on the Win32 platform as libgnomeprint still 
has a well known transformation bug ATM. You can download a copy of 
Gnumeric/Win32 from [1] (which is the major user of libgnomeprint and 
libgnomeprintui on Win32) and open a .xls file with charts and texts. 
The worst case is that you will get mirrored page/text. (You can also 
get the binaries of libgnomeprint in the package)

[1] http://www.gnome.org/projects/gnumeric/downloads.shtml

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