[Gtk-sharp-list] DataGrid control, data binding, ObjectViews, Swf, Gtk

Scott Ellington scottellington at comcast.net
Thu Dec 15 10:08:50 EST 2005

> #5) SWF controls are not easy/helpful to port to gtk# in all honesty. In
> fact, they suck to port. Everything is pretty different, and you don't
> want to use System.Drawing on Linux if you can use Cairo directly (imo),
> and even if you did, its still not a good path to rainbows and puppies.

Indeed.  But a DataGrid type object in gtk# would be sweet.

> #8) Whatever widget library you wonderful people cook up will most
> likely never be put into gtk# itself. This has been the stance in the
> past w/ gtk#, and is a sane one. gtk# is a wrapper for gtk+, not a
> wrapper + extension + other cool widgets. Another library would be a
> great place for other cool widgets. Now. That said, a single widget
> library to rule them all is a bad idea. As a developer, I want
> copy/pastable code. I want to include your source into my app. That
> makes it easy to update, and easy to deploy. It makes me feel warm, and
> well loved.

Aren't NodeView, NodeStore, and NodeSelection custom gtk# widgets that
have been rolled into the gtk# library?  I'm not sure that throwing tons
of custom widgets in their is a great idea.  I'd just like some official
library that gtk# developers can share, so if Lluis makes some
improvements or fixes to DockToolbar I get them without having to patch
my own copy.

If it ends up being just a repository of widgets that people can copy
into their apps, I would want it to be MIT X11.  If not, I simply can't
use it.


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