[Gtk-sharp-list] TreeView CellRendererText markup attribute, how to change fg of selected node automatically?

Gennadiy Donchyts don at env.com.ua
Sun Dec 11 11:49:58 EST 2005

is it possible to set 2 types of markup labels for selected / unselected

I'd like to set custom color for part of the tree node label but in this
case when it is selected -
part of the label is not visible, i.e.:

1. label: value
2. label: value
 (not sure if html can be seen on a mail list archive, in the 1. a *value*
string is has light blue colour
and when there is no selection - everything is fine, in the 2. all
background has light blue colour so
it is hardly to see *value*, but *label* changes colour automatically ...)

... I know it is better also to read a bit about themes/styles, to make it
work everywhere.

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