[Gtk-sharp-list] Application crashes without any exception (aspnetedit property grid ... Sonstiges)

Gennadiy Donchyts don at env.com.ua
Thu Dec 8 15:57:28 EST 2005

I'm having a very strange error, sometimes my Gui just crashes without
showing any reason or exception,
somebody knows how to find the reason in this cases and why it could happen,
how to detect where a problem could be?

mono --debug shows nothing, currently I'm running everything on Windows XP,
Mono 1.1.10, Gtk# 2.0 + Glade
using MS .NET VM, then application worked a bit ant crashed occasianlly.
With mono crashes are more stable :)

When I tried to find the problem byt half-splitting the code the problems
I've found that it occures in the aspnetedit
which I try to use on the lines when tab.Bitmap is accessed (is there really
a need to use SWF?):

if (tab.Bitmap != null)   *<= just here*
   rtb.IconWidget = new Gtk.Image (ImageToPixbuf (tab.Bitmap));
   rtb.IconWidget = new Gtk.Image (Stock.MissingImage, IconSize.SmallToolbar

if I comment everhing there and left only the last line (MissingImage) - it
works fine. ...

Another thing I noticed that when I run a program with aspnetedit property
grid using MS.NET - the root category is always named
*Sonstiges* ... it is probably because of my german windows, but when I run
it with Mono - it is *Misc*. At the same time my current
locale is set to ukrainian (some dialog buttons are shown in ukrainian) ....
so it is already de-us-ua gui, pretty messy...

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