[Gtk-sharp-list] Radio button infinite loop

John Russell jjrussell at gmail.com
Mon Dec 5 20:20:52 EST 2005

I have two radio buttons, each of which has

rbutton.Active += e

where e is an EventHandler (object sender, EventArgs e)

however when the button recieves a clicked event which turns a flag
on, but the other button recieves a clicked even ( I'm guessing a
clicked-off  as opposed to clicked on ) event which turns the flag
off.  This results in an infinite loop of events going back and forth
toggling the same property back and forth.

I think I can solve this if I just had more information about the type
of event that triggered the event handler, but the EventArgs object
doesn't carry any information.  Is there a way to find out more about
what event triggered the handler?  Thanks.


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