[Gtk-sharp-list] System.Drawing.Graphics.DrawCurve Problem

Ivan N. Zlatev contact at i-nz.net
Fri Dec 2 20:03:33 EST 2005


I am trying to connect these points, retrieved from a MotionNotifyEvent,
to a solid line ( probably like a painting program will do it ) using 


The problem is that the result from a

gfx.DrawCurve(pen, arrayOfPoints, 0, pointsCount,1.0F);

is http://x12.putfile.com/12/33518393672.png

It seems to connect each Point with (0,0) plus what I am expecting 
connects them from the first to the last? o_0 What is the problem - is 
this a bug
or am I bugged ? :) mono 1.10.0 on SuSE Linux

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