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Christopher Nehren apeiron+usenet@coitusmentis.info
Thu, 28 Apr 2005 15:24:51 +0000 (UTC)

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On 2005-04-26, Todd Berman scribbled these
curious markings:
> That cast is actually a very good thing. You can write dialogs that
> return custom response types. the Run method returning an integer allows
> this to work easily. The other way would work as well (returning as
> ResponseType, casting to int if needed) as long as the gtk# GEnum
> marshalling can handle it (I believe it can).

Ah, now that makes sense. A little bit of education goes a long way
towards understanding. :)

> Do you mean the GtkDemo? Available in the samples/GtkDemo/ directory of
> gtk#. Or is this a separate tutorial. If so, please send the url to the
> list, and if I get a chance, maybe I will translate it.

The GtkDemo is great, but I would greatly appreciate the code being
explained. For example, the UIManager sample in the gtk-sharp-devel
package isn't documented all that well. It looks like a sexy way to do
runtime menu generation (/me drools), and the description isn't very
elucidating. Also, references don't serve well as tutorials.

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