[Gtk-sharp-list] NAnt build problems

Ian MacLean ianm@ActiveState.com
Wed, 27 Apr 2005 17:28:19 +0900

Kevin Francis wrote:

>I know this list is specifically for gtk-sharp, but since I require a
>very mono-specific part of it, I thought to ask here first.
Hi Kevin,
You're right - nant-dev is a better place to ask these kinds of 
questions. However if you can package up a small repro and create a bug at :


I'll take a look at it.


>When using <pkg-references> and specifying packages, nant always dies
>with the following:
>System.InvalidCastException: Cannot cast from source type to destination
>in <0x000b5> AttributeConfigurator:CreateChildBuildElement
>in <0x00309> AttributeConfigurator:InitializeChildElement
>in <0x000c2> AttributeConfigurator:Initialize ()
>in <0x0004f> NAnt.Core.Element:InitializeXml
>in <0x000e5> NAnt.Core.Element:Initialize
>in <0x00079> NAnt.Core.Element:Initialize (System.Xml.XmlNode)
>in <0x00076> NAnt.Core.Project:CreateTask
>in <0x0020c> NAnt.Core.Target:Execute ()
>in <0x000cd> NAnt.Core.Project:Execute (string,bool)
>in <0x00395> NAnt.Core.Project:Execute ()
>in <0x0017c> NAnt.Core.Project:Run ()
>These are the references:
>      <pkg-references>
>	<package name="gnome-sharp" />
>	<package name="gtk-sharp" />
>	<package name="glade-sharp" />
>      </pkg-references>
>Any suggestions are appreciated. I'll be sending this over to the NAnt
>list too, but from the looks of things, there are very few mono users...
>which is why I decided here was a good place.