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Thiago sayao Thiago sayao <thiago.sayao@gmail.com>
Tue, 26 Apr 2005 21:58:25 -0300

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From: Thiago sayao <thiago.sayao@gmail.com>
Date: Apr 26, 2005 9:55 PM
Subject: Re: [Gtk-sharp-list] Improving Gtk#
To: Miguel de Icaza <miguel@ximian.com>

I will try to be more clear...

Runing the drawing-sample.exe example provided with gtk-sharp should
show a window with some drawings, some moving text (or something).
Using ms.net 2.0 (beta 2) and gtk-sharp 1.9.

Take this code for example:

                using (Graphics g =3D Gtk.DotNet.Graphics.FromDrawable (win=
                        g.TranslateTransform (ev.Area.X, ev.Area.Y);
                        using (Pen p =3D new Pen (Color.Red)){
                                g.DrawPie (p, 0, 0, rect.Width,
rect.Height, 50, 90);

it should draw something on the expose event, but not is drawn. This
shows that the System.Drawing and gtk# integration is not working
properly (or not working at all) on win32 , at least with my system

My system is:
Microsoft Windows XP home edition SP2 with everything updated
Microsoft .net 2.0 beta 2
Visual C# Express beta 2 (which i use to compile and run the sample)
gtk-sharp 1.9.2 (downloaded from the novell site)

I would be pleased to clarify anything or do some tests if necessary.


On 4/26/05, Miguel de Icaza <miguel@ximian.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> > I was trying to use Gtk.DotNet with Gtk and System.Drawing on windows,
> > but it doesn't work. You can run the example provided with gtk# in the
> > samples dir (DrawingSample.cs). It runs but doesn't draw.
> Could you be more specific about the problem?
> Miguel