[Gtk-sharp-list] Re: OnPaint method

Mike Kestner mkestner@novell.com
Wed, 06 Apr 2005 18:09:50 -0500

On Thu, 2005-04-07 at 00:38 +0200, Sergio Rubio wrote:

> Having something like on OnPaint in Widget will help those comming from the 
> SWF world, and IMHO, it is an interesting alternative to Gnome.Canvas (It is 
> pretty similar to Java2D). BTW, does Gnome.Canvas work in windows?

It is highly unlikely we will add a System.Drawing dependency to
gtk-sharp.dll.  If we were going to do this, we wouldn't have added an
entire assembly (gtk-dotnet.dll) to provide these types of bridges to
the non-ecma parts of .Net, like System.Drawing.

To my knowledge, libgnomecanvas is not ported to win32, so Gnome.Canvas
and the rest of the Gnome namespace are not built on win32.

Mike Kestner <mkestner@novell.com>