[Gtk-sharp-list] string parameters mono runtime <> ms runtime

Philipp Knecht ph_knecht@yahoo.com
Mon, 11 Oct 2004 10:13:05 +0200 (CEST)


Since this is a bug how should i proceed? I think it's
related to the gtk# bindings for MS .NET 1.1 and can
be reproduced (as mentioned in the initial post
somewhere here) like that:

I'm using german locales on a german XP Home - Box.

Window w = new Window("");

When showing the Window on mono runtime it works. When
showing with MS.NET runtime the character doesn't get
displayed. I tried with both compilers, mcs & csc,
doesn't change anything.

I'm using latest combined installers for mono (1.0.2)
and latest installer for gtk# with MS.NET.

Please bear with me i don't have any clue where to
post bugs so hopefully somebody can catch on this
issue or point me into the right direction...



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