[Gtk-sharp-list] string parameters mono runtime <> ms runtime

philipp.knecht@timberbit.ch philipp.knecht@timberbit.ch
07 Oct 2004 06:58:49 UT

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I'm on:

- Windows XP Home
- Mono 1.0.2 (latest combined win mono /gtk# installer from novell forge)
- ms .net 1.1
- Swiss-German locale (LATIN 1)

Steps to reproduce the behaviour:

Window w =3D new Window("=F6");

Compile with mcs or csc, doesn't matter here.

Run with mono         -> Voil=E0 it works
Run with ms .net 1.1  -> No character gets displayed



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<DIV>Hi </DIV>
<DIV>I'm on:</DIV>
<DIV>- Windows XP Home</DIV>
<DIV>- Mono 1.0.2 (latest combined win mono /gtk#&nbsp;installer from novell 
<DIV>- ms .net 1.1</DIV>
<DIV>- Swiss-German locale (LATIN 1)</DIV>
<DIV>Steps to reproduce the behaviour:</DIV>
<DIV>Window w =3D new Window("=F6");</DIV>
<DIV>Compile with mcs or csc, doesn't matter here.</DIV>
<DIV>Run with mono&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; -&gt; Voil=E0 
it works</DIV>
<DIV>Run with ms .net 1.1&nbsp; -&gt; No character gets displayed</DIV>