[Gtk-sharp-list] gereral question gtk# drawing rectangles

Paulo Pires paulo.pires@vodafone.pt
Mon, 29 Nov 2004 12:20:38 +0000


Please install Monodoc and take a look at the following title:
Gnome Libraries -> Gtk -> DrawingArea
Regard the methods and the properties of this class!

Attention please, afaik Gdk is only an interface between Gtk and the
windowing system, so it's not meant to have the same goals as Gtk.

If you check Gnome libraries topic on Monodoc, you'll get the answers to
your last question.

Hope this help you,
Paulo Pires

Seg, 2004-11-29 =C3=A0s 12:53 +0100, muell_muell_@gmx.net escreveu:
> hi,
> i try do write a programm that runs under linux and windows. i'm=20
> developing under windows with sharpdevelop and c#. therefore i installed=20
> gtk# for windows. my program should draw a few rectangels and stuff like=20
> that. therefore i'm "using Gtk;" and this offers me something called=20
> "DrawingArea". i have this add to my window, but this drawingarea doen't=20
> support any funktions like drawRectangle!? how can i draw some=20
> rectangles with drawingarea?
> my second solution (but i think its netter to use Gtk) is to use Gdk. if=20
> i make an instant of Gdk.Window this instant has functions like=20
> drawRectangle... but i can't use them, because i can not build a window.=20
> the constructor for new Gdk.Windw(x,y,z) need a parent window. but my=20
> program should only have one window i can not tell my programm that=20
> there is only one window (itself) that i would like to have. and so i=20
> can't create my window. :-(
> at the end an other short stupid question: there are a many libarys=20
> (atk, pango, gdk,...) what are they for? i think it should be enough to=20
> use Gtk?
> thank a lot, thomas
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